Photo by Shandice Stallworth (2021)

During The Escapism Retreat I attended a few weeks ago, I had the most comforting revelation that shifting my perspective in so many fruitful ways. …

Photo by Shandice Stallworth (2021)

A few weeks ago, I said to my therapist; I didn’t know life could be so simple. I didn’t know I could experience this life with so much ease and peace.

I spent much of my 20s in search of what I have now. So much so, at first, I…

“I am becoming more comfortable with stripping away the titles and holding on to purpose instead.”

Photo by Shandice Stallworth (2021)

Growing up an only child, though fortunate to have handfuls of cousins and a few siblings on my dad’s side, meant I also spent a lot of time alone. …

Shandice Stallworth

Reflective writer + tea-drinking Brit navigating life in Atlanta, GA.

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